Customers can easily sell or trade their old car to Round Rock Hyundai and get a fair cash estimate. Our dealership near Austin, TX buys used cars and we always look for worthy additions to our pre-owned inventory. Often customers find it easier to sell to a dealership than working with a private buyer. Our dealership is a Kelley Blue Book trade-in center and you can get an instant cash appraisal online. Let us tell you about the pros and cons of selling versus trading here at Round Rock Hyundai. Shoppers will find us here on N I-35 in Round Rock, TX, and less than 15 minutes outside of Georgetown, TX.

Selling- Benefits/Downsides

An option many drivers take is to sell their old car for cash. When you use the Kelley Blue Book form, you receive an instant cash appraisal for your trade. After an in-person appraisal, our team can issue you a check of your car's KBB value. Customers near Liberty Hill who need money for other expenses will consider this route an advantage.

Many of the downsides of selling come from selling to private buyers. Most of the time, impendent buyers do not use a reputable appraisal outlet like KBB. They will almost always try to haggle with you to pay the lowest price possible. When it comes to getting the most for your ride, it always helps to work with professionals.

Trading- Benefits/Downsides

If you need a new Hyundai or used car, our dealership is a great place to trade in. The biggest benefit of trading is that you can apply the car's value to your deal. Most often, your trade will cover the down payment, allowing you to save at the signing of the deal. However, depending on your car's value, it may cover the down payment and the first couple of monthly payments. Trading to a dealership can often also means a lower sales tax applied to the old car. Lower sales tax means Pflugerville customers get more money for their trade overall.

A key downside with trading in is that you might not get as much back for your car. Since dealership salespeople are often professional dealmakers, they may try to negotiate or haggle. However, you can often overcome this if you have a good idea of your vehicle's worth. Here at Round Rock Hyundai, our dealership staff bear Leander works hard to deliver customer satisfaction. If your vehicle has a high KBB Value, we will do our best to ensure you can use it on your deal.

We invite you to sell or trade your vehicle to Round Rock Hyundai. No matter which you choose, you can't go wrong with our professional staff. Sell us your trade and visit our dealership to learn more. You will find us less than 20 minutes outside of Cedar Park, TX. We look forward to working with you!