Financing Options

We offer many programs to help you get behind the wheel of your new vehicle. This includes options for loan customization, low competitive rates, no down payment* and flexible loan terms. * Subject to credit approval
Get protection for the road ahead. With the advanced technology in today's vehicles, repairs can be costly and are often unpredictable. Enjoy worry-free driving with a Vehicle Service Contract. A Vehicle Service Contract can help protect you against unexpected repair costs and significant out-of-pocket expenses that may be required after your manufacturer's warranty has expired. Vehicle Service Contracts are available in several mileage/term combinations and coverage levels to meet your budget and specific needs. Whether you need added protection for a newer car or you want affordable protection for a high-mileage vehicle, a Vehicle Service Contract will keep you covered.

Fill the GAP in your Auto Insurance with Guaranteed Auto Protection.

Whether you are leasing or financing, Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) can help protect you from coming out of pocket to pay expenses you may face with a total vehicle loss. When a vehicle is declared a total loss, the primary auto insurance settlement is generally based on the market value of the vehicle. This amount may be substantially less than the balance due on the vehicle. The financial gap remaining is a difference that you have to pay. If you have an incident where your car is declared totaled and you still owe more on your finance or lease contract, GAP can lessen or even eliminate your remaining balance, Including your insurance deductible in most states. With Guaranteed Auto Protection, you can rest assured that you and your family are protected from the burden of an unexpected financial obligation if your vehicle is ever declared a total loss. GAP is only available at the time you purchase or lease an eligible new or used vehicle.
Rain isn't the only thing hitting your windshield. Road hazards cause small chips, stars and cracks, which can ruin a windshield. The replacement cost is probably much higher than you think. A damaged windshield can deteriorate over time and potentially interfere with the safety of your vehicle. Protect your view with Windshield Protection and reduce the chance of damage to your windshield from road hazards that cause chips, stars or cracks by having it repaired or replaced when the inevitable happens.
Protection means added value for your vehicle. Keep the interior and exterior of your vehicle protected with the Surface Protection System. The Surface Protection System, available for new and pre-owned vehicles, provides environmentally friendly appearance protection and warranted paint protection against damage caused by weather induced fading, chalking and loss of gloss, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, insect damage, road salts, sun's UV damage, hard water spots, de-icing agents, ocean spray, industrial fallout, accidental paint overspray and other common offenders that can damage your vehicle's exterior finish. The Surface Protection System also provides warranted interior protection against damage caused by food and beverage stains, juices boxes, bleaches and dyes, ultra violet rays from sun, fading or discoloration, cracking of the dash, inks, mold and mildew, chewing gum, crayons, lipstick, make-up and many other stains. It also helps protect against tears, punctures, burns and other common offenders that can damage your vehicle's interior. Surface Protection will maintain your vehicle's "showroom new" paint finish and keep the interior of your vehicle looking as good as new.

Regular scheduled maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle running at its best. Why not start off on the right foot with a prepaid maintenance plan? Prepaid maintenance plans make it easy to keep your vehicle running at its best by ensuring it gets the recommended scheduled maintenance such as oil and filter changes, air cabin filters, tire rotations, etc. as outlined in your vehicle owner's guide. With the rising costs of products and services, many consumers welcome the chance to lock in a set price for the necessary general maintenance of their vehicle, and be free of any hassles and worries for the duration of the maintenance plan. Prepaid maintenance plans are available in various terms and mileage intervals.​​ Find a prepaid maintenance plan that's right for you and have peace of mind that your vehicle is well maintained for the road ahead.
Protect your tires and wheels from the hazards of the road. No matter how carefully you drive, inevitably you will encounter glass, nails, debris, pesky potholes and other road hazards that can leave you with a tire or wheel in need of repair, or possibly replacement. With comprehensive Tire & Wheel Protection, you can travel the roads with a peace of mind knowing that your tires and wheels will be covered in the event of damage from eligible road hazards, while including emergency roadside assistance.
Avoid unexpected costs at lease end. Leasing your vehicle should be a carefree, enjoyable experience. However, both normal and unexpected vehicle wear-and-tear items such as interior stains, tire wear, chips, dents and dings can be a burden and added expense when you turn in your vehicle at lease end. With Lease Care protection, you can relax and enjoy your vehicle knowing you're protected against the everyday wear and tear of driving, while minimizing out-of-pocket costs at lease end.
Alleviate stress, fear and expense when faced with lost, stolen, or destroyed keys. Many keys incorporate computer chips for remote locking systems, trunks and starters Replacing and reprogramming these highly engineered keys can be costly. The approximate cost to replace and reprogram keys for your vehicle is generally between $250 -$550. The Key Replacement Program provides you with a replacement key and covers programming costs for missing or damaged keys. Additionally, it provides emergency roadside assistance and lock-out service. The Key Replacement Program will take the aggravation out of lost, stolen or damaged keys and provides you with an invaluable level of assurance.

Learn More About Our Financing and Insurance Options

When you are in the market for a vehicle, there are a myriad of Hyundai financing and insurance options to consider. All of them have unique benefits, but one may be more right for you than another.

Vehicle Repair Agreement

Repairs can be costly. With a Vehicle Repair Agreement, you can get maintenance coverage even after your warranty expires. These plans come in a variety of options, with different mileage and term combinations.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

You will mostly likely come across GAP insurance when you are leasing, but it applies to buying, too. Essentially, it protects you in the event that your vehicle ever gets totaled.

Pre-Paid Maintenance

This helps ensure you get the services your vehicle needs. You are also able to lock in a set price for your maintenance, making it overall more affordable.

Tire and Wheel Protection

With this protection, you can drive with confidence and ease. Your tires will be covered in the event of damage. It also includes emergency roadside assistance.

Lease Care Protection

With leasing becoming more popular, this protection is important. It helps you avoid sudden costs at the end of your lease. It also protects you from chips, dents, and dings.

Key Replacement Program

Modern keys are more sophisticated than ever. That is why replacing them often costs a lot -- upwards of $500, sometimes. With the Key Replacement Program, you can get a replacement key without having to worry about programming costs. You can also enjoy emergency roadside assistance and our lock-out service with this protection.

Windshield Protection Program

Getting a star, crack, or chip on your windshield can be frustrating. It also weakens your windshield over time. With the Windshield Protection Program, you can get your windshield fixed or replaced if anything happens.

Paintless Dent Repair Service

If your vehicle gets a dent, fixing it can seem like a hassle. With Paintless Dent Repair Service, you can get dents fixed simply without it affecting your paint job.

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